About Us

IRG-Special Security Projects was established 15 years ago in Israel and was introduced in Kenya eight years ago by the Security Service and Special Forces officers, who have a unique and wide-range  operational experience.

In order to provide solutions, protection and security we will enhance knowledge and advance unique equipment due to the increasing global need for protection and security in both the public and private sector.

We offer the provision of teaching, training and consultation services on the following matters:

» Security consultancy services

» Executive protection services

» Physical security services

» Counter Terrorism and Anti-crime

» KravMaga (Israel hand to hand combat)

» Intelligence services

» Investigation and Surveillance

» Security information and risk management

» Due diligence

» Rescue and emergency evacuation plans

» Vulnerability assessment

» Supply and installation of special security equipment

» K9 Dogs training unit (sniffer dogs for explosive/drug, Patrol or tracking and attack dogs.

I.R.G Ltd is involved in building and constructing of special security projects and setting up security system protections.

We offer covert surveillance, networking CCTV cameras and the installation of State of the art access control systems.

Our clients include government and federal institutions, public companies, oil and mining companies, telecommunication companies,maritime industry, banks, emergency services and hotels. The hotels are in various parts of the world including Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America.