Clients & Projects

Throughout the years I.R.G – S.S.P and experts have performed numerous Worldwide projects;

(Nevertheless, in many projects we have done we cannot reveal the END USER or the Country for obvious reasons and restriction / secrecy agreements we signed with the clients)

CLIENTS & PROJECTS in East Africa:

» State house Mombasa (2009-2010 project manager)

» KPRL Kenya

» Port Ritz Mombasa

» AGOL Gas plant Mombasa

» European Union in Kenya

» Cobuoto Kenya

» Aristocrat Kenya

» Almond investment Kenya

» K.D.N Kenya

» N.F.L Kenya

» Orange Kenya

» Water authority of Kenya

» V.I.P Protraction training for Nigeria government

» CTU Training for several South American countries

» Equity bank


» Yaya center

» Yaya apartments

» Althaus management

» Pfizer Kenya

» Jumuia holdings

» S.B.I Kenya

» Israeli Embassy

» French Embassy

» I.S.K ( international school of Kenya)

» Great Lakes Container Plant Mombasa

» Fronteir Service Group East Africa Ltd

» Phoenix Aviation Ltd (Wilson Airport)

» Kijipwa Aviation Ltd (Wilson Airport)


» Artcaffe

» Village market /Tribe Hotel

» Monetary school of Kenya.

» Sony Holdings Limited.

» Westgate Mall

» U.A.P Towers.

» Two Rivers Mall.

» Nextgen Mall.

» Citam Church.

» Prestige plaza.

 Defense Projects for African Countries

  1. Establish Anti-Terror units, complete with equipment, ammunition and training.
  2. Establish Presidential Units and training.
  3. Establish special infantry units complete and training.
  4. Establish full Intelligence core including the HQ Building, UAVs, Communication equipment, training and various special units of the core.
  5. Training and establishing VIP Protection units, complete with special equipment.
  6. Supply of various equipment as: Soldiers boots, uniforms, caps, tactical-vests, helmets, BP Vests, APCs, and much more.

The above is partial information and can be presented in more details in a face-to-face meeting with potential clients and decision-makers in any level – Government, State, Army or Police and Special Home-Land Security forces; Additional projects from our past experience may be discussed as necessary;

The company also has a number of security projects in Congo, Uganda and Gabon.