What is it?

Intelligence work is the accumulation of information through means and methods specific to the subject under observation. The purpose of the course is to provide the participants with tools and techniques necessary to prevent them from being detected while gathering this information and the discovery of their work.

After the completion of the course, the participant will have gained operational knowledge, he/she will have had practice and will thus have the ability to perform unseen surveillance and observation, through the implementation of techniques that prevent his/her exposure.

Objectives of the program

The primary objective is to the participants with the ability to conceal himself from the observer, whether through a change of appearance or concealment while working in undercover work it is essential that the participant is familiar with the latest equipment, whether electronic or otherwise, for the concealment of his/her presence or activities. In addition, skills will be taught in the application of tactical makeup, both regular conditions and in stressful field conditions, as well as instruction in the creation of cover stories.

  Topics of study

» Concealment techniques to prevent detection by the object  

» Observation

» Familiarity with the surroundings

» Camouflage

» Tracking while in a vehicle  

» Combined tracking  

» Sensory development  

» Self-confidence and access techniques  

» Familiarity with electronic equipment and its use   

Due to the specific character of training and in order not to compromise the integrity of the program, we are unable to specify further information here.