Investigations and surveillance

IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY is a private investigation firm with over 30 years of ground experience, capable of providing the entire range of the highest level of service. While striving for total client satisfaction. IRG organization welcomes a range of clients among them are law firms and insurance companies, corporations and private businesses, law enforcement agencies and private individuals. The services that we provide have helped our clients with the ultimate solution to their specified needs and have proven to be successful over time.

IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY is governed by a policy that distinguishes us from the competition. In our efforts to provide maximum service and satisfaction, we take the client’s long term as well as their immediate needs into new developments and on the grand conditions.

Among the various services that IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY offers are:

» Surveillance

» Electronic protection

» Expert witness and testimony

» Covert investigation

Covert operations are not infrequently activities conducted by investigators or security personnel. The gathering of information in real time and the use of this information in the tactical planning for further operations is essential. In order to perform these activities skillfully, the investigator must be equipped with and the knowledge in the latest technical devices. As well as the tools and camouflage techniques that will permit his function on the ground and at close range, without being detected.

 Evaluation and Analysis of Risk.

In order to develop a program for the prevention of a risk to a business or the possibility of loss, an operative program must be developed. The company practices and assets must be analyzed and assessed in order to identify the potential threats. On the basis of this information, it is then possible to create an operative prevention program. IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY has the expertise and experience to identify, examine and evaluate at-risk factor

Crisis Management

There is no crisis for which there is no solution – and it must be both practical and precise. The first steps to be taken towards the outcome must be an assessment of the demands of the task an evaluation of the security in order to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the existing situation.

IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY with years of experience behind us, has the capability to guide our clients through the process of creating a crisis management plan. The appraisal, organization and solution of a crisis are areas in which we have the knowledge and experience to provide in any situation. IRG will be able to minimize the time consuming and disruptive distractions from the on-going functioning of your organization and maintain an environment that is conducive. In addition to the professional service we provide a rapid recovery to normal functioning. Leads to an added economic value to a client’s business in the long run. This is particularly noticeable in instance of physical workplace threats or violence, labor disputes and competitor misconduct.


Vulnerability Assessment

Among the most widely services the IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY provides is a vulnerability assessment. It is also among the most important reinforcement. This service can save your business from potential financial damage or loss while at the same time providing you a sense of security. Is there a price that can be put on either one of these?

More often this service is conducted without the knowledge of your employees. One of the objectives is to determine just how easy or difficult it is to gain access to valuable and sensitive information.

IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY approach is unique, regardless of your company’s workplace environment and style. We take control and quickly adapt ourselves to the situation.

Our approach is unique regardless of your company’s workplace environment and style. We adapt ourselves to the situation taking nothing for granted. IRG is conversant, well prepared and  not naïve about situations that we might encounter.