Security Assessment

The protection of the people in the workplace is another vital area of assessment that requires urgency whether it’s the employees, customers, physical assets or an individual with crucial information.

The current security program and contract must be examined and assessed with attention to: security control room (if any), communications center, employees and visitor identification. There must be a re-examination of the security policy and practices and consideration must give current crime trends and the implications of the service provided.

Another important area for assessment is the alertness of the employees for an emergency situation, an evacuation or a hostage crisis.

IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY provides assessment specific to your business and your needs in areas of physical security of personnel and executive levels. As well as the protection of intellectual properties. We evaluate the current security program and determine if there any changes necessary to provide the client and the business with the maximum protection against criminal intent and raise security awareness.

Security Service

Beyond the professional services that we offer, we have
a loyal and dedicated team that provides all of the security services that you need at any place in the world that you may require it.

IRG-SSP provides security consultation to businesses for the purpose of security management and security planning.

 IRG-SSP provides personal protection for elite businessmen, celebrities and also events internationally.

 IRG-SSP provides investigative, interrogative and surveillance services for any place and reason.

 IRG-SSP provides personnel for special projects.

 IRG-SSP provides equipment for intelligence, surveillance and security.