The IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY TEAM is made up of the best martial arts instructors in Israel. In addition to the use of conventional weapons, Mr.S. from the Israeli Special Forces might teach you how to turn any knife into a flying deadly weapon. Mr. S. has the ability to teach you the professional way of turning innocent looking objects, such as screw drivers, nose pliers or simple bars of metal, into flying dangerous objects.

Working together we shall make sure that your knife will fly and penetrate 20mm of plywood.

“Knife” throwing doesn’t exist in our vocabulary.

 Physical Security

The physical security course involves all of the tactical aspects as well as additional topics such as threat and vulnerability analysis, security concepts and alternative methods. The methods are specific for a typical facility or for a unique location being studied during the seminar.

The course also includes: The formulation of a comprehensive physical security plan for the facility in question the, “what if” security analysis and response methods. In order to enhance the plan and to recognize its weakness. The final stage of the course is tactical exercise and “hands-on” implementation of the devised security plan.