The counter terrorism course is customized with special training and objectives specified to each unit. The course includes advanced tactics, advanced tactical weapons training and advanced individual combatant training.


The seminar on counter terrorism includes lectures and classes on a various related subjects. It is our duty to provide the participants with insight and a deeper understanding of the way terrorist organization work. As additional tools we aim to also touch on terrorists operation behavior and the psychology behind it. In order to help graduates be able to analyze and assess their own specific situations.

The suicide terror lecture provides general information about the widespread threat of suicide bombers and their place in terrorism. There is an emphasis on bomb security as well as basic elements of prevention,preparation and physical security. Attention is given to the identification of the elements of booby traps, explosive devices, both improvised explosive materials and standard explosive materials. Which is commonly used worldwide by terrorist organizations.

Presiding a terror scene as a first responder is a lecture that provides knowledge and educates, by showing examples from past terror scenes. An additional counter terrorism lecture puts emphasis on “secondary device” at the scene.The purpose of the various forces on the scene to organize public evacuation, wounded evacuation priorities and handling the suicide terrorist dead or alive.

This course is open to public, and not restricted only to the law enforcement.

Due to the complexity of training and in order not to compromise the integrity of the program, we are unable to specify further information here.