Executive protection

The potential threat of physical harm to key figures in the world of finance and business, together with their families and also well-known personalities. Has led to the need of well trained bodyguards to provide protection from possible assault, kidnapping or other acts of bodily harm.

It has been proven that the bodyguard who has the appropriate training and practice is likely to be well prepared for the challenges and protection of their clients. This course provides the bodyguard with the essential theoretical and practical professional knowledge so that he/she will be able to provide the maximum security and protection necessary for the task. 

 The course is comprised of 4 levels

» Basic

» Advanced

» Team work

» Command

In addition IRG-SPECIAL SECURITY is developing a combined 14 day intensive program course which includes all 4 levels.

Course content

» Personal protection – fundamental tactical exercise and simulations

» Operation weapon use – various conditions

» Explosive – introduction

» Hand to hand combat – (KravMaga) Israeli system; construction of field kit protection while in motion

» Security planning on the command level

» Body language – identify the suspect

» Automobile and structure survey

» Installation security tactics for surprise

» Security for events – “what’s on the attacker’s agenda?”

» Security planning – combat inside a structure

» Escape and rescue – operational and combat driving

» Security team and unit practice

» Modern equipment – introduction

» Operational combat – In order not to compromise the integrity of the training, due to the nature of the program. We are unable to specify further information here.

Graduates will receive a diploma and an international recognized certificate.

Conditions for acceptance

» Personal interview

» Excellent health

» Registration fees